Backyard lights

Summer nights are great for back porch sit'in, minus the mosquitoes. Here in Texas the days are so hot either nights or early mornings are the best times to enjoy your porch. When we moved into our house about 2 years ago, the first thing I wanted was string lights.  There's something about them that sets the mood to relaxation. 

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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is fast approaching, and like Mother's Day it's a great day to get our men something that they will enjoy. Are you looking for that special Father's day gift for the Dad that loves to do DIY's or should I say in my case might be wrangled into doing them. HEHE!

To help you celebrate, I've put together some ideas to help you in choosing that perfect gift.

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My Top 5 Sherwin Williams Gray Colors

Colors, Colors, Colors! Have you ever walked into a paint store with a tone in mind but when you get to the paint swatch counter your eyes go wonky, your head starts spinning and before you know it your walking out with 20 swatches in hand and 5 color idea books.

Does this sound familiar? I call it the Hokey Pokey Color Dance. You put your foot in, you take it out, and turn yourself around, then what you're left with... still no clear direction. 

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Guest Bathroom Update Part 2

Hey Homies the guest bathroom is coming along and I'm loving it!  I never thought I'd actually want to go hang out in that bathroom but I find myself going in there, staying for hours like a man, while checking my facebook and Instagram. 

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A Brilliant Smile

"A woman's most beautiful outfit ever is CHARISMA, the prettiest accessory is her SMILE, and the best pair of heels is CONFIDENCE."

I've been told over the years that my smile was beautiful and contagious but little did I notice that my smile was less confident due to my teeth. Coffee and tea are my vices which I'm not about to give those up but I do need something that will erase the years of enjoyment.

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