Guest Bathroom Update Part 2

Hey Homies the guest bathroom is coming along and I'm loving it!  I never thought I'd actually want to go hang out in that bathroom but I find myself going in there, staying for hours like a man, while checking my facebook and Instagram. 

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Peel and Stick This On Your Walls

Over the years I've become a big fan of peel and stick wallpaper. So much so I think I can call myself somewhat of a guru in this type of wall decor, or I know I'm the wall whisperer... ok I digress.

Have you ever decorated a room but there always seems to be this wall, the wall that likes to taunt you? Or have you moved into a home that your renting and all those dreams of doing what you want to it, is smashed by the landlord?

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Spring Garden Party

The cold winter days, brings a craving for Spring. To help usher in the season of renewal and life, I thought a garden party would be the best medicine for any home.

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