Peel and Stick This On Your Walls

Over the years I've become a big fan of peel and stick wallpaper. So much so I think I can call myself some what of a guru in this type of wall decor, or I know I'm the wall whisperer... ok I digress.

Have you ever decorated a room but there always seems to be this wall, the wall that likes to taunt you? Or have you moved into a home that your renting and all those dreams of doing what you want to it, is smashed by the landlord?

Well, peel and stick wallpaper is your friend!  This type of wallpaper is so durable, easy to put up with a no fuss, hassle free removal process. Sometimes I wish my teens were this easy. 

My Love for Peel and Stick wallpaper all began when..

We had just moved into an apartment from living in a house for 10 years. As you know I love to paint my walls but our temporary living situation just didn't allow this wall solution. So I started thinking outside of the box. While I was at HomeDepot one day, I came across some contact paper for the drawers in your home, light bulb!!! Hey I could put this on the walls.

My first intro into a peel and stick paper, began as I lined our apartment entryway walls.

entryway contact paper.jpg
contact paper for wallpaper.JPG

Who knew contact paper was a perfect inexpensive solution.

Later, I was in Target that same year and found this yellow and grey texture surprise which happen to be their new line of peel and stick wallpaper. I was really intrigued. Can it be just as good as my contact paper?

chair rail wallpaper.jpg
wallpaper frame.JPG
wallpaper for the bar.JPG

I found this really pretty turquoise too!  Since we couldn't bring our king size bed into the apartment, we only had the mattress. I improvised by using the wallpaper as a headboard.

peel and stick headboardJPG

Here's some differences between the contact paper and the peel and stick:

  1. The cost is cheaper for contact paper
  2. The peel and stick is thicker and doesn't tear as easily
  3. There was less sq ft in a roll than the peel and stick
  4. Overall the putting it up was about the same
  5. Stickiness was not as strong as the peel and stick but it never fell off the walls the 2 years we were there 

Fast forward 3 years later, we're in a house and I'm at it again, adding more paper to the walls and now furniture.

Here's a table that I refinished by adding peel and stick inside the drawers.

wallpaper in drawers.JPG

You can still get the paper I used to line the drawers here from target.

peel and stick dining roomJPG

My newest addition is this silver stripe that's now highlighting the walls in my dining room and living room. I like to use it to tie spaces together.

peel and stick wall by staircaseJPG

One other area you could consider using the paper is in bookshelves.

In one of my client's living room, I lined behind the shelves this gorgeous teal jungle print. It has some awesome greens and blues that just made the room pop!

bookshelves lined with wallpaper.jpg
wallpaper behind shelf.JPG

Overall conclusion as to why Peel and Stick will rock your world

There's many reasons to why I love peel and stick wallpaper but the main one, is that it isn't permanent and I can be free to change out the look without the removal nightmare.

You know what I mean, that pesky wallpaper that doesn't want to depart from the wall and your left tearing your hair out to get it down without damaging the drywall.  

Well I hope this answers any questions you might have for this fun new way to decorate our walls. Don't be shy and give it a try! Your going to love it. If not come back and let me know and we can talk about it.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for daily inspiration.

Take care my homies!

Thanks for letting me help you have a welcoming home!