Lights, Camera, ACTION!!!  Today is the day! You've cleaned, organized, got rid of items, fixed areas of your home that needed it, updated, cried a little, and maybe pulled your hair out with the insurmountable worry and stress that came with that check list. This is the day your hard work is going to be appreciated. If your just now coming across these series of posts, you can check out the first post here For Sale Sign Wanted.


I love this day because you get to just leave your home and the Realtor does the rest of the work to make sure your home is sold. You've done everything you can do up to this point, now it's time to hand it over and let someone else show off your home.

On this day, you'll be asked to leave during the time of the open house. Sometimes it can be from 10-4 on a Saturday or Sunday. It may seem like a long time to not be at your house but it's so worth it. Open houses give the potential buyers a chance to walk through your home on their free time. If you've got dogs, or cats you'll want to arrange places for them to go. It can be a distraction to have animals in a home when your putting your best foot forward. You might have someone that wants to walk through and are really afraid of animals or even allergic, this doesn't need to be a reason to dislike your home. 

I suggest you spend the day out at a park with your animal or plan a day with friends that you can go hang out at their home. My favorite solution to being gone is arrange a vacation around the time your selling. It's really hard to keep a house clean with children and pets. Pack up and leave for a week or two, you'll truly be glad you did. 

Your realtor will usually provide some snacks for your guests, so don't stress out on doing the bake cookies thing. They will take care of those details for a successful open house.


Ok I'm not going to lie but these appointments are so hard on you and your family. It's straining to get your house clean within a 30 min notice and out the door. I suggest you always give yourself 1 hr for anyone to come look at your home. Make sure to always keep your house tidy before you go to bed and throughout the day. I promise it will be so much easier on yourself and family if those extra steps are taken while your house is on the market. Enlist your kids to do their part, remind them it's for a short time but you really need them to participate in keeping the home clean. You spent a LOT of time getting your home prepared for this moment, don't let this step keep your potential buyers from not seeing how your home can be, cleaned. 

PLEASE for everyone's sake, don't show your home with dishes in the sink, and don't hide it by putting a towel over it. Also sweep your kitchen floors, make sure table and counters are clean, plus all beds made. Again it needs to be Hotel ready, not look lived in. I only say this because I have on many occasions been on the potential buyers side and it really is a turn off when your home is looking like you just stepped out. It tells me your not taking this serious. 

Think about this period as if your going for an interview for a job, do you show up to the interview in your work out clothes, hair in a pony tail, sweaty and not showered or prepared for the questions their going to ask you? No you don't, you want the potential boss to like you and see you as someone they want to hire. Your home is the same! It's going on an interview.



We've spent many weeks together while getting ready to put your house on the market, thank you for following my series. I hope it's been helpful.

You've done the work, now you have to give it to your Realtor.  Be prepared to expect different results in the process. Your home may go immediately, or it might sit for months. I can't promise you that because you did all this work it's going to go fast and for more money. I can promise you this, you did what you could do, you gave it your all, your home will sell at the right time for all. You might have to lower your price a few times but the goal is to get out of your house, don't let money keep you from leaving. Trust in your Realtor, trust in God, it's stressful, I know but don't lose your honor if it doesn't go the way you envisioned.  Selling and buying a home can bring joy or it can bring anger, try to look on the bright side and believe things will work out for the best in the end.

I'm rooting for you and praying you have a wonderful experience as you go through this transition in life. Drop me a line if you have any questions. If your looking for a Realtor I know a great one, or if you're looking for a home stager, decorator, contact me, I'm your gal!