Guest Bathroom Update Part 2

Hey Homies the guest bathroom is coming along and I'm loving it!  I never thought I'd actually want to go hang out in that bathroom but I find myself going in there, staying for hours like a man, while checking my facebook and Instagram. 

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A Brilliant Smile

"A woman's most beautiful outfit ever is CHARISMA, the prettiest accessory is her SMILE, and the best pair of heels is CONFIDENCE."

I've been told over the years that my smile was beautiful and contagious but little did I notice that my smile was less confident due to my teeth. Coffee and tea are my vices which I'm not about to give those up but I do need something that will erase the years of enjoyment.

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Updating the Guest Bathroom Week 1

Bathrooms can be beautiful and some can be just well, unbearable. Now if you have boys in your home, yours might always be unbearable despite the decor.  That would be mine. However, in addition to the smell being off, the mauve color is screaming 90's, the only thing missing is the Tuscany border up on top.  So come along with me as I share with you the before and after of transforming my guest bathroom.

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Peel and Stick This On Your Walls

Over the years I've become a big fan of peel and stick wallpaper. So much so I think I can call myself somewhat of a guru in this type of wall decor, or I know I'm the wall whisperer... ok I digress.

Have you ever decorated a room but there always seems to be this wall, the wall that likes to taunt you? Or have you moved into a home that your renting and all those dreams of doing what you want to it, is smashed by the landlord?

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Guest Bedroom Restyled part 2

We nest when our babies first come home and we nest when they leave.  What does this have to do with a guest bedroom? This year my first born is graduating from High School and for some crazy reason I feel the need to make sure my house is prepared for the guests that are coming to celebrate. 

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