The F Word is Ok

Let's chat for a minute, not about decor or diy's, but what friends would do, share what's pressing on their heart.  Can I admit something to you?

You all come here to be inspired which I love providing that for you. Recently, I've been facing the F word.  Yes, it's a scary word in the creative world.

This word would had normally put me in a tale spin and had me shut myself off.  But instead I've decided to face it head on.  Learn from it, embrace it while challenging myself to see the other side.

The F word isn't so bad. Even writers experience this from time to time.

The first step to admittance is to say it out loud, ok here it goes. I'm in a FUNK!!

Whew ok I said it! What is a Funk? Funk has many different meanings from a soulful harmonious beat, to a feeling of depression, to a sad or fearful state, a state of being as Webster the Dictionary likes to explain, those jeans have lost much of it's funk!

In my case, I'm just in a slump. 

Now friends, in the past I might've said this is bad, I need to change whatever I'm doing and get out of this state of mind. But it's a new state of mind for me. I'm ok with being in a funk this is why.

When you step away from what you've always done it allows you to try something new, you're then able to explore neglected parts of your life which can lead to growth in those areas.

My creativity is something I enjoy having in my life. It's how I'm made to express my inner-self, but it also can be a detriment to my well being because I'm constantly putting that first.

While expressing myself through decor and home projects is my passion.  Loving myself hasn't always been. As I get older, I realize I must stop allowing my health to play second fiddle to my creativity. I've put my health on the back burner which it's suffered greatly. I'm overweight plus let's face it I'm not getting any younger. It's starting to sound like a country song, all I need is a truck, train and something to drink. HA!

So friend, I'm sharing this all with you today, even though I'm here to inspire you to have a welcoming home, your health is just as important as your home. Without a healthy you, your projects wouldn't get done, and no one would be able to see the beauty you have to give.

As much as I hate to admit this and the F word, going forward my home project's blog may be less. I do promise as I focus on this new mindset, to share more of my health journey with you along with my love for decor inspiration. 

Thanks friend for listening, next time lets sit down over coffee with musical instrument music in the background instead of a sad country song.

the F word.jpg