You've just finished getting your home deep cleaned and now your ready to see it beautified. Staging is an important step to getting your house ready for resale. 

Your realtor mentioned to you that you should think about staging your home. Because a staged home will increase the probability of your home being sold within one month or less after hitting the market.  This practice can most definitely put your home above those that don't.  However, I can't say for sure it will most undoubtedly be sold within a month. There's many factors that can play into that scenario. You may not be able to control the market, location, or the overall interest in your home, but you can control the look of your home.

So lets get started on how you can improve your home through staging. Some realtors will provide a full or limited amount of staging for their clients which is included in the commission from the sale of your home. If your realtor doesn't offer this service, there are many affordable staging consultants within your area. It can range from $50-$500 for a consultation and then whatever else you may need might be an additional cost. There really isn't a set cost for a Stager's services, it also is based on many factors. Hiring a Stager, really can benefit you greatly as I discussed in my last post to the 10 part series, the importance of staging. I'd like to mention that it's in your best interest to hire a home stager because they can provide a professional's eye and knowledge of what a buyer is looking for in your home. 

If it's really not in your budget or the realtor's to include this service in the selling of your home, then I have some quick tips so you can stage your own home.

30 Quick Tips to Home Staging

front house inviting

1. Boost curb appeal- Many home buyers do a drive by before they go in or have any interest in your home. The outside speaks volumes. Details on how to do this can be found in my next post, You had me at the curb



inviting porch

2. Welcome your visitors with an inviting porch- Just creating a come and sit with me environment, can have your visitors wanting more. More info on how to achieve this, is found here. You will want to keep your lights on during the evening to provide your visitors a peek at night as they drive by. Having some illuminating lights for the walkway is always a nice touch.


clean picture

3. A sparkling house is a clean house- to help give you an idea of what this looks like, I outlined this in my post Mr Clean for the win. This is a VERY important step to staging your home. Don't skimp out on this one. Download my checklist to help make sure you complete all the areas.

4. Clear the clutter- Clear all items off counter tops, cupboards, drawers, shelves. Rein in your style while also keeping a balance between clean and lived-in.  Use the 3 item rule on the counters.

organized closet

5. Pack up the clutter and furniture not in use before you show the house.  If a buyer sees rooms cluttered or overpacked it tells them there's not enough space. Move items to the garage or storage facility.

6. Storage space is wanted! Many buyers are looking for homes that have storage space. So it's a good idea to clean out those closets and organize shelves. 

7.  Strip the windows- Light and bright sells. Take down the curtains and pull the blinds all the way up. 

8.  Let the light shine- Clean all windows inside and out.

9.  Create a nice flow in rooms- You can create this buy swapping out square and rectangular tables with round ones. 

dining room table

10.  Set the table- Elaborate table settings is not what we are going for. Bring simple modern place settings.  White plates or complimentary colors to the room with a simple napkin or sleek stainless steel cutlery. Adorned with neutral hued place mats.  Optional, stemless wine glasses. You can find some of these items at Ikea or Bed Bath and Beyond. 

11.  Add a metallic accent- Metallic accessories or wall accents can make a space look luxurious and contemporary. You can use a copper tray on a table or silver pieces on a book shelf.


12.   Swap out lampshades- To create a lighter, cleaner and more modern room, replace any old or dark lampshades with white drum shades.  Cheap shades can be found at Ikea or Target.

13.  Turn on the lights- By turning on all the over head and lamp lights lets the buyer know you have nothing to hide.  The atmosphere should say see what I have to offer.

14.  Add some fresh flowers in the kitchen and bathrooms for an extra decorative element.

15.  Update kitchen fixtures- Replacing an old light with a new one from Home Depot or Lowes can make a kitchen have a whole new updated look. 

16.  Put a bowl of fruit or lemons on the kitchen counter for a decorative touch


17.  White-out the bathroom- Bringing in white all throughout your bathroom will give it a hotel feel. It can make it look fresh and new which makes a buyer want to see themselves owning it. This can be done by adding white hand towels, or a display of towels that are white, a white shower curtain, white bathmat if your floor isn't the selling point. 

staging a bathroom

18.  Update cabinet knobs and drawer pulls- Replace with the style and finish that's sought after in your area. This could be brushed nickel, polished brass, oil rubbed bronze.

decorating shelves

19.  Bring the outside in- Adding some living plants into the home can make it feel warm and inviting. If you have cables in the room that you might need to hide a plant can do that for you. 

20..  Arrange knickknacks in odd groupings 3,5,7

breakfast room staged

21.  Add a rug under the dining room table or coffee table to bring warmth to the rooms.

painting fireplace

22.  Replace wall art for some mirrors- Swap out personal family photos or fine art for a large mirror on one or two key walls. Mirrors have an advantage of maximizing light to make rooms look brighter and bigger.  Some places to think about are in a living room that has a window looking out to a nice backyard. The greenery from the yard will reflect and be visible from multiple angles in the room, creating a bigger looking space. 

23.  Update your fireplace with some paint if it has an outdated look or ugly brick....

24.  Decorate the fireplace mantel with a mirror, artwork, or candle sticks

25.  Use smaller sofa and chairs to make the room seem larger than what it might be

26.  Create conversational areas with a focal point

27.  Decorate your couch with some new pillows 

28.  Vacant home, spend the money to furnish it to show how the home will be lived in.

29.  On the coffee table place some home decorating magazines or a decorative accessory for a classic touch.

home office
bedroom 4

30.  Repurpose rooms to meet buyer's needs. Change an office into a bedroom or bedroom into an office.




Hope these 30 home staging tips got you closer to the finish line.  See you next time, as we discuss getting the outside staged for those onlookers! You had me at the Curb

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