2018 Year in Review

Life goes fast, the year don’t last. Live for the future and forget the past. So I’m not sure I can completely forget the past, it had memorable moments with challenging downs but that has me looking forward to a productive 2019.

Hey friends its been awhile, I know you probably thought oh she’s given up on blogging. Well don’t write me off just yet. I took a pause with my last post in July, The F Word is Ok. I found myself in a time that my health was begging to improve so I can be a better person this year.

Have any of you ever suffered with hormone issues? As I’m getting older I can say it’s not so fun at times. Your mind says hey I’m still in the 20’s while your clock parts are wearing down. I believe God’s purpose for us sometimes entails us hitting pause to readjust our trajectory. While my adrenals were crashing hard, nerves on edge, sleep being lost, moods out of whack, can you say ticking time bomb. When I stepped back with my funk, God gave me a new direction with a hormone product that reset my adrenals that today has my energy back in full swing. (let me know if you’re interested, I can hook you up with the goods)

Last year in 2018, you saw my home start to go through transitions as I tackled some DIY’s. It started out in January with my fireplace update. When we moved in 3 years ago I kept mentioning how the red brick had to go. Well, I’m still happy with the decision I made to limewash it. You can check out all the details HERE

guest room.JPG

That was such a fun project but I have to say the guest bedroom was the icing on the cake. It was like a Cinderella story dressed in rags, then given a makeover for the Ball. You can see how it all began, with it’s magical transformation by going to Part 1 then Part 2


2018 was a big milestone year for us here at Welcoming Home. It was a momentous experience as a family to see my oldest son graduate from High School. Twelve long, sweat, tears, hair pulling, years to see your kid walk across that stage so they can embark on the next chapter with new journeys that doesn’t always include Mom directing. Watch out world another one has been let loose!

As I eagerly approached that deadline of May a lost table found it’s way to the forefront. This Goodwill straggler that was hidden upstairs needed some love pronto. Just like my Cinderella guest room, this baby needed some new shoes. Realizing as I’m writing this, I never formally introduced her to you all.

Hello dark, beat up, out of date, lonely table… meet your new light side. After being fitted with a new pair shoes she’s dolled up in farmhouse distressed linen white with peel and stick accessories.

goodwill refab tableJPG
inside goodwill table.JPG
goodwill table decor.JPG

Next up was the guest bathroom that went from move over mauve to voluptuous vogue grey. Part 1 and Part 2

vogue guest bathroom.jpg

As all curtains must come down and lights turned off after a big production, there was one spotlight performance in my DIY journey for 2018. Backyard lights! These are still a favorite of mine that we use daily around here. I love the warmth it gives to the backyard and not to mention much needed light for the animals as they roam to do their business. The how to adorn your own stage of backyard lights, head on over to enjoy this post.

backyard lightsJPG

So friends, I thank you for coming along with me on my journey last year! All the support you give to me here on this blog or on social media means the world to me! My heart is full with your love and kindness. I look forward to bringing you many more DIY’s this year, with no interruptions. So stay tuned, I’ve got some big ones in store for you. As always I invite you to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for daily inspo. Here’s to a joyful 2019!