Guest Bedroom Restyled part 1

When we moved into our house almost 2 years ago, I took what I had and threw it into my guest bedroom with no real plan. I even excepted the paint color on the wall! What!! So not me, but time and budget was not in the plan yet to give it some love. 

I'm getting a nesting bug, no I'm not pregnant but its the having a High School Senior graduating. If you have or have had a Senior all of a sudden you feel the need to get all those projects, rooms decorated or de-cluttered for guests coming in. You nest when they come into your home and you nest when they go out! How Ironic.

My living/dining room was first on the list, now that it's almost complete I've moved into the guest room. If you haven't seen my makeover fireplace, you can find it here in my post Updated Brick Fireplace.

Here's my plan

Guest Bedroom mood board.jpg

This is the room when we moved in. It has the blue color on the walls, which isn't bad but it just doesn't go with the grey, and purple that I have planned.

guest bedroom before1JPG
guest room before2.JPG

Below are some more before pictures. I have to say this is where I failed as a blogger. I didn't even take a full picture of the room before beginning the changes.

So the items I already had you'll see here. The bed was custom made in Dallas before we moved to Austin. I bought the glass side cabinet at Homegoods around that same time.

 Here's similar pieces to my cabinet and headboard if your looking for them.

before 3.JPG

Here I'm trying to decide where I want the cabinet to be in the room. I had it on the left side of the bed but wanted to see how it would look in other spots. 


Sorry for the poor quality on the pictures, taking with my phone and it just doesn't take good pictures. I wanted to point out along the way some decisions I've made. Here I'm testing out paint colors of the leftover paint from when we moved in. I ultimately decided to go with Sherwin Williams Repose Gray that we used in my son Aiden's room. 


Sometimes you just need to move your furniture pieces around the room to see if you like it there or not. The chairs were custom made for the Dallas house. I didn't even get to put them in the room because after they got finished getting reupholstered we packed up the house and left. They were so fun to find, I got them at a warehouse where they sold outdated furniture pieces from Hotel rooms. I fell in love with the shape of these, was happy to find this great plum colored Damask fabric to clean them up with.

moving furniture around.JPG

Here's the chairs before I had them painted and upholstered. This picture is the room they were designed to go in, in front of the bed for guests to sit. 

In addition to having my plum chairs, I thought adding a bench on the end of the room's bed would be perfect for guests to put extra bedding or pillows not in use while they stay. Here's a bench that I reupholstered myself years ago for my bedroom and now I'm creating a different look. There's lots of fond childhood memories for this bench. On my instagram stories I shared some of them. You can find it here in this video as I show you how to paint and add a different fabric. Apologizing now the video does contain me crying. Sorry emotional Hot Mess Train.

There's a lot that I want to go over in regards to the restyled bedroom so instead of trying to get it all into this one post, I'm breaking it down into another post. Thanks for coming along this journey with me. Next week we'll go over what items I used and how I decided to style it. As always I invite you to join me on Facebook and Instagram for daily inspiration! 

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