Guest Bathroom Update Part 2

Hey Homies the guest bathroom is coming along and I'm loving it!  I never thought I'd actually want to go hang out in that bathroom but I find myself going in there, staying for hours like a man, while checking my facebook and Instagram. 

If you missed my last post Guest Bathroom Update Week 1, I had a long list of what my plan was to get this bathroom up to date and out of the 90's.  Also I broke down the construction part of adding wainscot. 

Here's some before photos of the bathroom to remind you what I started with.

bathroom before.JPG
bathroom before2.JPG
bathroom before3.JPG

I've tackled a few things off of my list

  1. New baseboards
  2. Take out cabinet
  3. Add wainscot
  4. Paint

On Instagram and facebook I asked you all which paint color you preferred. Between the two choices SW Dovetail (A) and SW Gauntlet Grey (B), I chose to go with Dovetail since you all chose this one plus it compliments the wallpaper.


I'm so loving my wallpaper that I chose from target. It's got just the right amount of grey chic glam. When planning to update the bathroom adding wallpaper I knew would help make the powder room look taller and bigger. Wainscot also was the perfect addition to assist the illusion of additional height. This was achieved by adjusting the wainscot from the traditional height of 36" to 43" from baseboard.


I mentioned in my first post for the bathroom that I was taking out the cabinet and mirror. You can see below I switched out the old frameless ornate mirror for a tilt mirror that I found at Lowes.  Tilt mirrors are a great option for adjusting your visitors views when they come in to use your bathroom.  I like it because I'm only 5'2" and it can be challenging to see myself fully in mirrors. Anyone else height challenged? 


My list continues to be checked off by adding new lights and shelves. I chose these lights from Lowes because they've got a transitional glam look to them with the frosted glass. 

I spent some time looking at floating shelves. Originally I was thinking I'd like to have shelves deep enough to place towels on them plus other bathroom items. Somewhere around 7-8" deep. But after some thought I realized it would be best to have the towels in the main guest bathroom, not the powder room. So this changed my direction on the width of shelves needed. 


After scouring the internet while also contemplating making my own shelves, I settled on these open shelves from Target. I liked them because of the gold medal brackets and wood shelf color it brings to the bathroom. 


The powder room list is complete.

  1. New Light fixture
  2. Shelves
  3. Wainscot
  4. Wallpaper
  5. Painted doors

To continue my glam style I found these Vogue cover prints from Homegoods. They screamed at me to take them home. It was the nostalgic, celebration of women beauty that had my heart. I liked the center one because it had purple within it to tie into my guest bedroom colors. You can find the post on my Guest bedroom Restyle here. The last cover photo with the black and white zebra also ties into the framed art with the the women and her hand bag, that I found at Goodwill last year.


You remember my towel situation well it was solved by this basket from Target.


Someone is enjoying the bathroom! He just loves lying on this rug I found from Homegoods.


Alright my bathroom's not complete without adding a chandelier. When we moved in this chandelier was located in the dining room. Not sure why anyone thought this was a good light fixture for dining room when the scale of it is meant for a small space.

I took it down last year and just knew it would find it's way into another part of the house sometime. I'm loving it here in the bathroom. What do you think?

This section of the bathroom makeover brings the guest bedroom right into the bathroom and helps it look continuous. I'm in Love!! I'm really happy how it all came through.

Once again friends, another project down and one step closer to making my home more into a welcoming home.

Thanks for coming along with me on the journey,  I invite you to drop me a comment below or follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more daily inspiration.




Wallpaper from Target 

Light fixture from Lowes Progress Lighting Alexa 3-Light 22-in Brushed Nickel Bell Vanity Light

Tilt Oval frameless Mirror Moen Sage 22.79-in x 26-in Oval Frameless Bathroom Mirror

Target shelf double shelf with gold brackets

Basket from Target

Vogue Prints

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