My Top 5 Sherwin Williams Gray Colors

Colors, Colors, Colors! Have you ever walked into a paint store with a tone in mind but when you get to the paint swatch counter your eyes go wonky, your head starts spinning and before you know it your walking out with 20 swatches in hand and 5 color idea books.

Does this sound familiar? I call it the Hokey Pokey Color Dance. You put your foot in, you take it out, and turn yourself around, then what you're left with... still no clear direction. 

Picking The Right Gray Paint Color

Picking the right gray paint color the first time can help you stay excited about your upcoming project.  To help you stay connected and excited without one less stress while doing the paint dance, I'm sharing with you my 5 favorite gray paint colors from Sherwin Williams.


SW repose gray.png

Repose Gray is my FAVORITE Gray! This color is number one because of it's flexibility. It's a gray that has a small amount of brown undertone which can lean cool but it also can work well with warm colors. I have this color in my house and absolutely love it. I also like to recommend it to my clients. It plays well with warm wood tones for a traditional look and also if your trying to go for modern clean. It's great for whole house color or individual rooms. 

repose gray example.JPG
repose gray bedroom.JPG
SW agreeable gray.png

Agreeable Gray is my next favorite because it's a warm gray and is so pretty in all rooms. This gray is a perfect color with a tad bit of brown undertone but stays gray.  Just like Repose it plays well with all colors. If you have cool or warm colors in your room it will be a nice compliment. I think that's why it's named agreeable, ha! it's agreed to be a good gray. 

Picture credit: Mike Pardue Homes

Picture credit: Mike Pardue Homes

SW Amazing Gray.png

Amazing gray will leave you thinking some amazing thoughts about your project once it's painted within your space. This color is on my top list because just like Agreeable Gray it can have a warm tone to it. It's in the lines of a greige.  I used this color in this bathroom for a resale and it just gives a warm clean look.  Great color for a neutral room palette.

texaspads_45(rev 0).jpg
Dovetail gray.png

I've shared with you some lighter gray colors, now I'm highlighting my last two favorites in some darker shades. Dovetail is stunning against white trim. Its a color that can work in bathrooms, or rooms with natural light to help the depth of the grey to shine. Below is some pictures of my guest bathroom where I used this color to help compliment the wallpaper in the powder room. 

SWDovetail bathroom.jpg
SWDovetail 2.jpg
gauntlet gray.png

Gauntlet Gray can be overlooked sometimes but offers a deep rich gray in accenting a room or outside of the home. I find this color to be just the right shade to give just that right amount of pop. Its got a good amount of black in it, that it can work painted as an accent wall, on a fire place mantle, trim, doors and also on the outside of your home. You can see here I used it on my mantle within my living room.

gauntlet gray.jpg
Photo Credit: Home Bunch Interior

Photo Credit: Home Bunch Interior

I hope all these gray suggestions help you in your quest to find the right color for your home. Next time when you head to your local Sherwin Williams paint store, skip the Hokey Pokey and put your right foot into the door with your head held high, ready to tell them exactly what paint you want mixed. You've got this!

Would love for you to drop me a comment below and let me know what you think about these colors or if you have any questions! You also can follow me on Facebook and Instagram for daily insporation. 

Here's to painting your home!

Top 5 Gray paint colors.jpg