Valentine Love Note Capsule

Valentine Love Note Capsule

When we think of Valentines usually candy, gifts and flowers are used to show how much we care for someone. In my family we like to use time and words to express those feelings. So that's why this year I've created the Valentine Love Note Capsule. If you are coming from my Love Notes and Roses Home tour, welcome back, if not please take a moment to check out my valentine tablesetting and my other blogger friend's homes along the tour. You can find the link here.

I'm so excited to add this as a tradition in my home. How fun will it be to continue to add notes into the capsule year after year. They can be read out loud at the dinner table as a reminder of those things you love about your family. 

Here's the items you'll need to create your very own capsule.

Here's the items you'll need to create your very own capsule.

Items you'll need:

  1. Scissors
  2. 12x12 scrapbook paper
  3. tape
  4. ribbon
  5. 1 toilet paper or paper towel roll just cut into 3rds
  6. My Free love note printable 
  7. Favorite candy or small gift (beaded necklace for girl, matchbox car for boy)

Once you've printed off your Love Notes and you've gathered all your supplies, your ready to go.

First step, take your scrapbook paper and cut it at 6", which is half of the paper if you got the 12x12. You can use scissors or what I used was a paper cutter. Much easier to get a straight cut. This is when I get to use my skills as a past Scrapbook consultant with Creative Memories. Anyone remember those days?

first step to creating capsule.JPG

Now tape your paper roll in the center to the edge of your paper.  You'll now roll your paper over the tube and then finish it off with another piece of tape.

taping tube to paper.JPG

Once you've completed that, take one end and squeeze the paper closed next to the tube. This will help close it up so that you can tighten it up with ribbon.

ribbon tied to capsule.JPG

Almost complete, here's where you'll want to add those love notes and gifts into the tube before you tie off the other end. 

Here's my list all completed. I have 2 sons who are in High School, plus my husband. As a mom and wife, sometimes I find myself not expressing those things I love about them, its so easy to fall into the negative trap...GUILTY! 

completed love notes.JPG

I've chosen to write things that make me happy when they do it and also a good quality they possess. They say when you express these things the person is most likely to want to do more of it, because it pleases you. Mom psychology right there. hehe!

Now you'll just cut up the squares and insert the papers within the tube. Finish it off by tying off the end with the ribbon that you used on the other end. You can then add a tag to it or write their name on the capsule. 

That's it, easy peasy!  A special somethin' for those you love. I just know those you decide to share this with will absolutely love the thought behind this.

finished capsule.JPG

Thank you for stopping by! Please share with me in comments if you made this and what your families reaction was. 

love note capsule.PNG

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