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Love Notes and Roses

Valentines another day to let our loved ones know we are thinking about them.

This year I'm sharing how my family started celebrating Valentines and our traditions. I'm also very excited to be participating in a Home Tour with other bloggers as we show you all How We Love Our Homes. A big thank you to Kathy at A Delightsome Life for her dedication and organization in helping this round up come together.  If your coming from Town and Country Living  Welcome! Jennifer shares how adding soft textiles and pretty flowers can add touches of romance to your home’s decor – despite the wintry weather outside. There's so many more ideas coming to you from some very talented ladies. So kick off your shoes and get ready to take notes. Maybe not love notes but notes worth remembering. 

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Nineteen years ago on Valentines Day, I was reunited with my hubby (now), then ex-boyfriend, after separating for college years.  Almost four years of letting our dreams take priority we decided to rekindle the spark by going on a date for Valentines. Now this was special because I lived in Dallas and he lived in Austin so there wasn't many other days we would see each other.  I'll never forget that magical night as he whisked me away to a lovely Italian dinner located downtown Dallas.


The night consisted of conversation around a candle lit dinner with words to let him know how much I cared for him. That's what I love about Valentines, the romance within the ambiance. 

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Every year since that day, Valentines has been celebrated differently due to life's circumstances. But one thing we have always done is to make sure to enjoy a candle lit dinner for the evening.

We decided a long time ago, to make this moment enjoyable by all, including our kids. They've gotten as much enjoyment out of it as we have. During the younger years they loved to set the table and light the candles. This is our only meal that's by candle light in our home, so you can only imagine the excitement. As they've gotten older, well into the teen, early adult years sometimes the evening is with their special loved one joining in on the fun.

I've had simple tablescapes over the years but one advantage to the kids getting older, I've got more time to give "love" to my table.

whole BR valentine.jpeg


This year's table inspiration stemmed from a lucky find at Goodwill, my dishes. I just couldn't pass up the soft pink roses with the grey. This was a color that's found it's way into other areas of my home. So it was love at first sight. Not only was the color perfect but I was so surprised to find so many additions to the set.

dinnerware set.jpeg
long shot pic.jpeg
table shot.jpeg


Another lucky find were these amethyst colored wine glasses and the stem candlesticks.  We usually use taper candles so this was a great compromise to the tradition.

glass pict.jpeg

I enjoy making the table very girly, shoot there's not many times I get to do that here in a household full of boys. They let me and I don't get much complaints, in fact I just got a great compliment from my younger son that he approved when he told me it looks good as he rummaged down from his bedroom to get food from the kitchen.

side table 2.jpeg

I decided to use a lace blanket for the table cloth. Don't be afraid to use something other than a traditional table cloth. Shopping your house is always fun, it makes you think outside of the box, or wallet I should say.


A centerpiece is a must have to any well done decorated table. Here I used two different garlands. The one that has the magnolias on it is from Michaels. The other is Joanna Gaines eucalyptus garland from her Hearth and Hand collection at target. Once you have a foundation its just a matter of adding the extra in to give it fluff.

note capsule.jpg

An extra surprise I've added this year is my love note capsule. I wanted to share a note with my family about what I love about them. So to do this I created a decorative tube that can house favorite candies, small gifts and my Free Printable Love Note. You can get all of the instructions at my blog post Valentine Love Note Capsule

It has been such a pleasure sharing with you how my family and I celebrate Valentines. Drop me a line within the comments, I enjoy hearing from you. Tell me what traditions you have for the special occasion.

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