How To Remove A Kitchen Backsplash

Do you have a builder's grade tile backsplash that your dying to get rid of but honestly you just can't afford to hire someone? Well that's me. I always have lots of projects in my head but the ability to afford them, well that's a different story.  Usually this is when I wrangle my husband into showing me how to tackle it or he decides to take it on himself.

breakfast room backspash before.JPG
how to remove a kitchen backsplash facebook.PNG

This time I was determined to tackle this one on my own. So I did what all DIY people do, seek the internet for advice. After reading some posts I found they all mentioned to use a hammer to break the tile. That's what I did one day, with no plan in mind but to get rid of it. Using the hammer I found very therapeutic, who needs a massage. But my husband like all husbands didn't see my method as efficiently and effectively as I did. So he decide to stop my progress and experiment.  lol

removing grout1.JPG

I have to say my method was pretty messy. 

removing grout2JPG

So he went to fetch his Dremmel out with the rotary attachment, this tool would allow him to cut the grout first then use a pry bar with hammer to remove the tiles. He was able to  release some of the tile, but as you pulled the tile off eventually it would do the same damage to the drywall that I was encountering.  I was hoping to not have any damage or at least minimal. 

removing grout3.JPG

He was thinking if he can get them off without having all the little pieces that it would have less of a mess and and overall be easier take off.  I still thought my way was the way to go, plus it gave me an excuse to break things. 

grout injury.JPG

I didn't say my method was the safest way to remove tile. :) I guess I should had worn gloves, the tile began fighting back. 

grout injury2.JPG
tile removed2.JPG

This was overall a pretty easy project to do. Looking back I don't think this is something that I would pay someone to do. I do wish I could had figured out a way to keep it from not ruining the drywall. With the drywall having been effected it would need to probably be replaced vs just repaired. In order to lay tile an even surface is needed, and that's not what I had. So check out here what I did to remedy my problem.  (oops this post is coming next week) An Easy Backsplash Solution

tile removed2.JPG

I'm so glad to see the tile removed. It's progress to a more updated look. 

Thanks for stopping by! I know if you decide to take the plunge and get rid of your dated builder grade tile you will be happy you did.