A Perfect Gift for Your Man

Hi Friends! Every year I always ask my handsome man what he wants for Christmas, every year he says, "I don't know, whatever you get, I know I'll love it."

I know it's sweet that he loves whatever I decide to get...but let's face it, the old standby gift of socks, tie, and shirts is not as exciting as something he can look at everyday. Well this year I know I'm getting him something he'll love and I wanted to share with you all first!

merry christmas JORD.JPG

My man loves to look good while wearing a sharp looking watch. An accessory that has style, while having the wow factor without breaking the bank is a must. So I was so happy to find JORD watch. Ya'll can I tell you these watches rock! Not only are they snazzy looking but OH MY GOSH they are gorgeous. I want one! 

sleigh of goodness JORD.JPG


When looking for the one I thought my  man would like,  I fell in love with the Conway Series Kosso & Midnight Blue. The natural Kosso wood paired with the midnight blue face says simple but sophisticated. I've never seen a wood watch before, it's definitely a show stopper while also complimenting all outfits. 

My man is going to look gooood!!! I feel a pat on the back as I type this, ok maybe not a pat on the back but a big smooch on the lips, with a thanks BABE!

I'm having a hard time holding this back, here it goes... YOU can get this watch or another from a different series that will be perfect for your man with my special link for a BIG 25% off! Ya'll this is the biggest savings they've ever given to their customers. You don't want to miss out on this.


This special link is only good till December 15th, 2017

Not only are you getting a great discount, they also have free shipping and can do custom engraving. When you receive your watch it will come in a beautiful wood box that has a small compartment drawer where you can store the oil they give you to treat it.  The box plus the watch really makes a nice gift. I know your man will love opening it and seeing his watch nicely displayed.

As I mentioned, JORD is giving me this discount of 25% to pass onto you and I do hope you will use it so that you too can get that one of a kind gift for your man while saving some money.

Let me know if you get one and what you think!