Is This Buyers Remorse or Just Gas?

OMG!!! We just bought a house. Friends, have you ever walked out of a store with sweaty palms, your heart racing because you just made a really big purchase?  That is how I felt leaving our Title Company's office..  

My family and I left our comfortable life in the suburbs of Dallas, Tx in 2014 for the Capital of Texas, Austin.  It was a very emotional move.  Our two kids were venturing into Junior High and High School, that awkward time in their life that being a new kid is not exciting nor did they want to experience it.  My husband, Eric had been commuting back and forth to Austin for two years before we decided to take the commitment of plucking our family from the life and friends we grew to love. There were LOTS of tears! I've never had to move as a child.  Only when I graduated from High School and College to find myself or to begin a career did I have to experience the emotions of leaving something behind.  

The act of moving is hard but when you have to go from having your own home to living in a small apartment, now that was an adjustment.  For the first year, as a family there were some challenges. Most of our challenges were a direct result from my husband's car accident which inconveniently occurred the same week we were scheduled to move. His severe concussion created a tornado to the already windy outlook.  Though we weren't around our family or friends, that first year was an opportunity for God to break and mold us.  It was a prayer unspoken and I can look back and be thankful for what we went through.

Buying this house is a new chapter to our rocky start. We waited, searched, waited and now here it is.  The time to step on the gas and see where God leads us next. 

Welcoming you into our home.


our house

Here's the front of the house. Click on the tour to see the inside of our new home. Hope you enjoy it, please forgive the camera movement.  (my first time to shoot a walking video, lots to learn)

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