Arm knitting

Christmas gifts got a little different this year. We always like to give everyone in the family a gift but this year we decided to draw names. After I drew my younger sister's name I just knew what I was going to get her.


My mom does a lot of knitting and my sister loves to receive her knitted projects. I've been seeing a new way to knit called arm knitting. I have to admit this intrigued me. I currently don't have a desire to learn this new craft but arm knitting, well I wanted to take that challenge.

My first step was to find some YouTube videos to teach me. I found this awesome women that has a love to teach this sort of thing. Her name is Simply Maggie, she advertises 45 minutes to create a blanket. Link here 

Quick and easy that's my game. So I ordered the special yarn for this unique project. 

Heres what I bought 12 skeins of Couture Jazz yarn in grey. I ended up having to order it from Annie's Yarn Shop link here


I believe you can find this yarn at Walmart, Joann's Craft store, and Amazon but at the time I was shopping for it, all places except Annie had them out of stock. Annie sells it for $6.99 plus shipping. In my opinion it would had been a better deal at Walmart or Joann's because of their free shipping and deals.

Heres my review on making the blanket with Simply Maggie. Her video was real easy to follow which I enjoyed. Now the time it took was not 45 minutes. As a newbie it took me around 2 hrs to complete the blanket. So if you've never knitted before, plan on it taking longer then what is mentioned.


The pattern she uses is pretty simple and comes out pretty. Because the pattern requires me to use my arms as the yarn is wrapped around them. My arms unfortunately aren't small so I noticed the blanket had bigger holes then what her blankets did. After I finished and saw the whole blanket the holes bothered me. I think next time when I make another blanket I'll try another pattern and maybe a different way to arm knit. I'll let you all know which one I do next. 


My overall take on this project.. Fun, Easy, and quick. Can't wait to do it again, I think I'm hooked. No pun intended.  Let me know if you decide to do the project and what you thought.


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